Solidarity for Ukraine

It is war in Europe. I remember the overwhelming nature and the open-hearted hospitality during my travels to Ukraine. It is horrifying to see our neighbors in Ukraine surrounded by bombs, machine guns and grenades and forced to flee. The future is uncertain. Let's each, within our own ability, see what we can do. Every support, every gesture can be a valuable contribution.

Ukrainian solidarity – session for free

As a small gesture of solidarity, I am offering all Ukrainians free treatment until June 30, 2022. Do you have family with someone in/from Ukraine? Then you will receive a session with a 50% discount. Read a poem or meditate with me weekly.

World Peace Meditation

My journey through Ukraine in 2005

Every Tuesday evening at 19:00 pm I meditate for peace. World Peace Meditations have been organized since 1986 (eg by John Randolph Price), with the aim of finding worldwide peace in ourselves, our environment and the world. Do you want to participate, at home or via Zoom? Then sign up via Meetup or send me a message on +31626174884.



Since March 15, 2022 I temporarily house Oleksiy, a Ukrainian friend whom I have known for 20 years. Together we try to limit the inconvenience to my visitors and clients as much as possible. I thank my neighbors and others involved for the loving gestures and gifts (such as shaving soap, fruit, welcome cards, pocket money). Each gift, form of support or temporary shelter is welcome.

Poem by Max Rosochinsky

(from the poetry collection Words of War)

No poem in forty days
Poetry went to the grave
When on November 23
Andriy Yurga, a fighter of the “OUN” battalion
Killed in battle at Pisky
He was from Lviv, nicknamed “Davyd”.
Poetry turned black
Worn mourning clothes for forty days
Then it was covered with earth
then with as
Forty days of poetry was in the trenches
Clenches his teeth and shoots back in silence
Poetry wouldn't talk to anyone
What's there to talk about?
In those forty days many people died in poetry.
Poetry saw trees die.
The ones who ran through the minefields of a trap And never made it through winter. Poetry saw animals die.
Injured cats and dogs
Dragging their spilled guts through the streets
Like this is something normal
Poetry did not know what to do:
Have pity and help them die, or
Have pity and let them live.

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Tijs Breuer is 50 years old, a certified personal coach, body worker and masseur. Essence coaching is aimed at getting you to the core of who you really are. Tijs works with personal attention, touch and presence. It helps you to feel better about yourself.

One thought on “Solidarity for Ukraine”

  1. Blessings for you and your friend Tijs. It's fantastic how you are committed to your fellow man. You are an example to us all. Very nice and inspiring that you are doing this. I will join the peace meditation next week. Hug!

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