Newsletter “Points of light in dark days” - December 2020

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Tonight is the longest night… This turning point in nature is always a special moment for me to reflect on. We are now furthest from the sun. We are closest to the dark side in ourselves. 

I would like to wish you a nice Christmas and New Year's time in this way. Hopefully surrounded by love and warmth. And hopefully we will keep in touch, also in the new year.
This morning I noticed again how much peace it gives to be in the dark. The dark offers us the opportunity to look at the dark sides within ourselves. I look at myself, at my dark side, the habits, thoughts and patterns that I would rather not see. My dreams this morning gave me a glimpse into those unconscious and peculiar bits of myself, my rude needs and desires. For me, for example, this is the need to be surrounded by people all the time, the tendency to “be useful” and therefore to plan my agenda. Watching this dark part of myself is educational. It makes me accept myself with everything that goes with it. And it awakens the longing for light and liberation in me. For example my desire for timelessness, useless enjoyment, surrender in the moment, and also feeling connected to others when I am alone. The more I become aware of my dark side, the more space I can give to this light.
Solstice spiral
On December 23rd from 15:30 pm, I lay a Yule solstice spiral. When you walk into the spiral, you walk within yourself, into the earth, to your darkest point. There is a candle, the bright spot you can find in the dark. This light can be felt in yourself, you carry it out with you and you can share this light with others. Feel free to come by to design your own ritual. Time: between 15:30 pm and 18:30 pm. Location: in the garden of the Huisje Land van Dromen. Address: Westbroekse Binnenweg, 20, Tienhoven (Ut). 
No massages during lockdown
The Netherlands is in lockdown again, at least until Tuesday 19 January 2021. Contact professions such as giving a relaxation massage, bodywork or tantra session are not allowed. My practice is therefore largely closed. I do give coaching and mindfulness sessions, online sessions (including meditation, tantra and self-touch) and online workshops. Read more…

Free home visit
During the lockdown we are asked to stay at home as much as possible. For regular customers I temporarily offer (until February 8, 2021) the possibility for a treatment at your home (e.g. a coaching session or, when this is allowed again, body work or massage). This offer applies to home visits within a maximum travel distance of 30 minutes. Do you live further away? Please contact us to discuss what is reasonable. Read more…

Online meditations
The most popular guided meditation and meditation music app is InsightTimer. You will also find Dutch meditations of mine. Follow me through this link or search for Tijs Breuer in the Whatsapp. In this way you can listen to my voice to create a moment of rest for yourself.
Every second Sunday of the month at 20:00 PM I provide a guided sitting meditation in my living room and via Zoom under the heading “City lighting”. Research shows that when groups of people are regularly quiet together, this creates harmony and flow in the group and beyond. Urban lighting is an initiative to stimulate a culture of lighting. Everywhere in the country people open their living room for meditation or meeting in silence. After the meditation, at 20:45 PM, you can join an online yoga class provided by Nicholas Wake and then we share our experiences.

I give one every fourth Sunday of the month motion meditation via Zoom, also followed by online yoga. Meditation by sitting still is quite difficult for most people, because we are used to being exposed to stimuli all day long, while your body needs movement. Movement meditation ensures that you quickly regain your peace and that you go in more with your attention. You make an inner journey through an alternation of intensive and subtle movement. You can register your participation for both meditations via the Meetup group “Embodied”. You will also find yoga and breathing lessons provided by my daughter Eva. 
Meetups for men
Fortunately, after the rain, sunshine will come again and hopefully we can touch each other again in some time. Men in particular are sometimes a bit insecure about touching each other. The meetups of MeninTouchNL offer men the opportunity to become familiar with all kinds of contact and touch in a relaxed, safe and playful environment. I am proud that this small-scale initiative with a few men has now reached almost 1000 participants. I am looking forward to organizing workshops and meetups again, such as the massage lessons and practice evenings, the monthly Tantra Journey and YoungMeninTouchNL massage class. New are the meetups “Playful movement & Touch” in Amsterdam and “Movement and touch for Krasse Knarren” in Tienhoven. On my website you can get a “strip card”For 7 meetups. 
Gift certificate with extra discount
Do you want to make a friend, colleague or loved one happy with a special gift? And at the same time help me through the lockdown? You can now temporarily with a discount of up to € 27,00 via my booking site purchase a gift certificate. Then you can also send an email (reply to this email) or a donation to do. A gift voucher of € 67,00 costs € 50,00 A gift voucher of € 85,00 costs € 60,00 A gift voucher of € 117,00 costs € 90,00.

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Tijs Breuer is 50 years old, a certified personal coach, body worker and masseur. Essence coaching is aimed at getting you to the core of who you really are. Tijs works with personal attention, touch and presence. It helps you to feel better about yourself.

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