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Practice for massage, coaching and bodywork

Discover the benefits of attention and touch. Enjoy a massage and experience that time seems to stand still. With bodywork you make a journey of discovery through your inner universe. Coaching helps you in your personal development.

LET OP! De massagepraktijk is vooralsnog t/m 28 april temporarily closedbecause of the Coronavirus outbreak. Coaching sessions, indoors or outdoors, can continue. You get a temporary discount on online sessions.

All attention to yourself

On this site you will find news and information about coaching, massage, body work en pensions. An answer is given to frequently asked questions asked questions.

Tijs is a masseur, life coach, trainer and bodyworker. He is the owner of Neptunus Wellbeing.

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Massage and bodywork

Do you need relaxation? Did you sit still for a long time or, on the contrary, hurt after exercise? During a massage is there full attention for your body, releases your stress and tension and you come closer to yourself. Bee body work you work on your well-being. You investigate what goes on inside you, so that you come into deeper contact with your inner universe.


Do you need to change something in your life? Then you can coaching provide insight and help you to take steps. Tijs Breuer works with, among others essence coachingleadership coaching, walking coaching, body-oriented coaching of trauma processing.

Do you want to stay at home? Then consider one online session or a home visit.


Due to the fight against the Coronavirus, all meetups of the groups “Men in Touch NL,” and “Embodied” will be canceled for the time being. This is due to the decision of the national government to ban all meetings in the Netherlands until 1 June 2020. The meetings after that date may continue, but that is still unclear at the moment. More information can be found here.

Opening times and locations

The practice is normally open on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 22:30 PM. There are different times on weekends.

Tienhoven (Utrecht)

  • Monday: 19: 30 to 22: 30 hours
  • Tuesday: 8: 00 to 22: 30 hours
  • Wednesday: 8: 00 to 22: 30 hours
  • Thursday: 8: 00 to 18: 00 hours
  • Saturday: 8: 00 to 13: 00 hours
  • Sunday: 8: 00 to 13: 00 hours


  • Monday: 8:00 AM to 18:00 PM.
  • Regularly on Sundays: 9:00 am to 22:30 pm


  • Thursday: 19: 00 to 22: 30 hours
  • Friday: 8: 00 to 22: 30 hours

The Hague

  • Regularly on Wednesday: 19:00 pm to 22:30 pm
  • Regularly on Thursday: 8:00 am to 18:00 pm

14 thoughts about "Welcome to Tijs Breuer"

  1. Today I had a Tantra massage from Tijs. Quite exciting for a hetero man like me. But what a warm, loving appearance that man has !! He loosened up a lot more than just the muscles. I have experienced this massage as very positive and have an experience richer. It was worth repeating. Tijs is really a fantastic masseur with attention to his client. Simply TOP.

  2. I have now received a number of tantra massages from Tijs.
    Every time it was an amazing experience.
    Tijs is very patient and loving. He alternates a firm massage with a gentle touch. I feel relaxed after the sessions, and the muscles are loose again.
    Since I do these sessions, I have considerably fewer back problems.
    Really super. Thank you Tijs

  3. I was stressed at work and I booked a complete body massage at Tijs in Tienhoven. I hesitated for a moment because there are many pictures of men on the site. After the introduction, that doubt was immediately gone, Tijs is a nice man who knows what women need. What a relief, from the first touch a burden fell off and gradually I could sink deeper and deeper into myself. All the hassle at work didn't seem to matter anymore, I felt that I was alive again. As reborn and relieved of the stress I cycled home.

  4. I recently visited Tijs in Nijmegen. It was the first time for me. I was a little nervous anyway. But Tijs quickly put me at ease. He is an honest and kind man. A professional in his field. It was a wonderful experience. I really recovered. Recommended. I'm going again soon!

  5. My tantra massage at Tijs was really great. His calm and friendly appearance gave me a very familiar feeling and made it possible for me to surrender to his hands quite quickly. Due to the combination of sensual touch with fairly strong massage techniques, I still have a wonderful feeling after a few days. I still feel a deep peace all over my body.

  6. Yesterday I met Tijs for the first time. After a brief intake and telling myself about myself, Tijs started to massage my back and buttocks. This way the tension in my muscles was reduced in a professional way. Tijs has a good sense of what you need. I will soon arrange another treatment.

  7. Dear Tijs, thank you for the wonderful massage workshop that you gave at Gravingen. I have learned so many new things and have given you a completely different perspective on massage. The safe and warm atmosphere that you created with your pleasant voice was also very pleasant. If you showed techniques I could feel how pleasant your touch is. I will soon come to one of your meetups or an individual massage if I am in the area. When taking my canvas with me, I also accidentally brought the cushion from the white massage table, which fits into that hole. I have now put it on the phone with Zoddestein. Greetings, Loes

  8. Hi Tijs, I don't write references that fast, but this time it must be clear to me how wonderful your hands and your attention have been for me. I doubted beforehand because there are few photos of women on your site. Your e-mail reassured me and I am glad I came. You gave me exactly what I needed in this difficult and stressful period. Full of self-love and self-confidence, I came home, after which I dared to take the steps needed to move forward. When I'm in quieter waters again I will come by again soon. Greetings, Linda

  9. Hi Tijs, you haven't heard from me for a while, but I often think back to the unique experience I had with you. I learned to discover myself in a new way through your words and your touch. That was nice but also confronting. After that a lot started moving. I would like to share that with you in person soon. I can recommend a session at Tijs to anyone who dares to take the step of self-discovery. Thanks! Thanks for being there for people like me.
    Kind regards, Bert

  10. Hello Tijs
    I want to thank you for the special treatments that you have given me in recent months. During those monthly sessions, which were always surprising, you helped me a lot in my search for who I am as a total person. Those moments were very valuable because of the openness, safety and the space to be there. Now that I have a busy time of moving ahead, it will take a while before we see each other again. Know that the intensive contact will always stay with me, as the starting point of my change process, which is not yet over.

  11. After the break with my partner about 2 years ago it was strange and nice to be touched again and now by the loving and powerful hands of Tijs. The few massages I had in the meantime could not be in the shadow of Tijs' massage.
    He gave me a professional massage "da non dimenticare mai" (never to be forgotten)
    Although we were strangers to each other, there was mutual trust from the first moment, which allowed me to fully enjoy the professional and perfect massage from Tijs.
    I had entered him with vague and untraceable complaints, with a feeling of 'come on world' I left the building again after the agreed time.


  12. That was great enjoyment! But more than that: this reflects how we, as people, should deal with our bodies in contact with each other. I can hardly put it into words, but we often still have a cramped image of nakedness and sexual energy that prevents us from being fully human, in openness and respect for each other. The Tijs massage is the ideal image of how it could be done. I became aware of how beneficial that is and how much influence it can have on my life, not only my personal life but also my social life. My neck, which I have been troubled by osteoarthritis lately, was remarkably flexible afterwards.

  13. Today, for the first time, I had a tantra massage at Tijs. Never expected a massage to be so relaxed and enjoyable. And that I (as a straight man) can feel so comfortable with another man. For me this is worth repeating. Thank you Tijs!

  14. Tijs, heerlijk om je website te lezen. Zo eerlijk, warm en toch open, precies zoals ik je ervaar in onze sessies en ontmoetingen. Je kwaliteiten en ook je zwakheden en leerprocessen toon je. Voor mij ben je een voorbeeld hoe ik mijzelf zou willen presenteren in een werk.

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